Frequently Asked Questions

How can we sign up for instrumental lessons?

Please use the online sign-up form.

What about payment?

Our office team will contact you to take payment once the form has been submitted. Alternatively, you can pay online via Shropshire Council's website. Full details are in the sign-up form. Payment is due in advance each term.

How much do lessons cost?

The price will vary depending on which type of lesson you choose, but the average cost to parents is around £8 per lesson.

Do you provide books and materials?

Yes! All beginners are given free booklets which take them up to at least grade 1 level. You can also access online video content in between lessons. See more here.

Can my child join a band or orchestra?

Yes! We run a full ensemble programme which gives students at all levels the opportunity to play and perform with others. Learn more about our bands here.

How many lessons will my child have?

We teach 34 instrumental lessons each academic year. These are split between the three school terms and delivered during set 'teaching weeks' which are shown on the calendar. The sign-up form will show how many lessons are available in the coming term.

When and where will the lessons take place?

Most lessons take place weekly, in school, during the normal school day. Some lessons are also available outside these times at our centre in Shrewsbury.

What if my child misses a lesson?

The teacher will usually do their best to 'make-up' any missed lessons, but this may not always be possible.

What if their teacher misses a lesson?

If your child's teacher is absent, for example due to sickness, they will either use the scheduled 'make-up weeks' or offer a double-length lesson at another time to rectify this.

Are any subsidies or discounts available?

Yes, students in receipt of free school meals can benefit from free lessons, and we can offer subsidies for children in challenging financial circumstances. Bursaries are available for higher achieving students who contribute to our ensembles. Details of help with fees can be found in the sign-up form.

What if my child wants to stop having lessons?

Please inform our office if you would like to cancel your child's lessons. We require six weeks notice which is roughly one half-term. This period is chargeable whether your child attends their lessons or not.

Can I request a particular teacher?

Unfortunately not, as teachers are allocated based on availability and location.

Can we hire an instrument?

Yes! We have a range of affordable hire options to help your child with their practice outside of lessons. See more here.