Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My child is moving up to secondary school. Will they be taken out of lessons?

A. Normally yes.  Schools are used to this and cater for it very well. Teachers normally rotate lesson times to avoid the same lessons each week. 

Q. What if I don't want my child to miss a particular lesson?

A. We try to be as flexible as possible.  There are lunchtimes, break times, before and after school.  If there is a pressing need to avoid particular lessons, contact the teacher who will try to do what they are able.

Q. How much are lessons.

A. For most schools, it is the school themselves who set the price of lessons.  Contact them directly in the first instance.

Q. How much practice should my child be doing?

A. Daily practice is the ideal.  How much depends on the age and the level of the pupil.

Q. What do I need to do to help?

A. All our pupils are given practice diaries at the beginning of the year or when they start. Check them weekly so that you can see any communications from the teacher and sign in the "practice" box each week.  If you want to ask the teacher something, write it in the diary or email the office who will forward the query.  Remember to say the teacher's name, pupil's name and school to make sure we can respond most effectively.

Q. Do I need to buy an instrument?

A. No. We have a large supply of beginner instruments for hire at very cheap rates.  We do not normally hire guitars.  We do not hire drum kits.  Beginners on drums will normally start with a snare drum which we do have to hire.