What level of ability is required to join Stompers?

Stompers is our beginner instrumental group; you ideally need to be able to play five notes confidently to fully enjoy this ensemble.

I've only just started playing my instrument. Can I still join an ensemble?

Yes! Stompers would be the most suitable for you. If you’re new to learning the guitar, then our guitar ensemble would also be an option. Once you’ve started in these groups, you might find more ensembles to choose from at a later point.

I love singing! Which ensemble should I join?

Our youth choir is suitable for any child up to (and including) the age of ten. No previous vocal experience is required. Check our workshops and events for other vocal opportunities throughout the year.

What kind of repertoire will I perform?

This will vary depending on your choice of ensemble: all ensembles feature a wide range of repertoire from popular music to more traditional, musical theatre to film. We tailor the repertoire to the group wherever possible and often take requests!

Will there be the chance to perform in front of a public audience?

Yes! We hold several performances throughout the year, always in December and May. We work around school timetables to avoid any clashes with mocks/examinations. Plus, there are always county-wide opportunities running in other months, for example, Shropshire Sings in July.

I'm a grade 5 instrumentalist. What ensembles are available?

Our Youth Orchestra or World Folk Ensemble are the most suitable, depending on your instrument. If you’re a grade 5+ guitarist our guitar ensemble would also be suitable.

Are there any age restrictions on ensembles?

Generally, no. The vocal ensembles are specifically structured to help aid the transition from primary to secondary school. All other ensembles depend on your level of instrumental ability. Our ensembles cater for all children and young people aged four to 18 inclusive.

Do I need my own instrument?

Yes, unless you play a rather large instrument which is difficult to transport, eg a piano or drum kit.

How do I know if I've chosen the right ensemble?

Come along and try them out. We'll always welcome new members, and if the ensemble you choose doesn’t feel right for you have a chat with the ensemble leader who can advise you on other options.

Will I make new friends and have new experiences?