About us

Shropshire Music Service provides instrumental, vocal and curriculum support for schools throughout Shropshire. Why choose Shropshire Music Service? 

The aim of the Music Service is to provide, develop and support the highest quality of music education in Shropshire and to give young people performing opportunities in schools and in the community.

Our Services

brassimsm.jpgCurriculum Support

Providing specialist Music teaching, ensuring that young people receive high quality musical education. Support can be alongside the school music coordinator.

Whole-Class Instrumental Tuition

 A wide range of instruments, instrumental and voice lessons for smaller groups including woodwind, brass, strings, percussion, guitar and keyboard.

Live Music in Schools

Providing the opportunity for young people to access professional live music in schools. about-drums-Gu3PRW.jpg

Special Projects

Held throughout the year, including competitions, large scale workshops and singing festivals.

Groups, Choirs & Bands

Providing young people with the opportunity to play and sing as part of a group at every level in the ‘County School of Music’ as well as a huge range of in-school ensembles.

Workshops and Festivals

High quality musical experiences delivered to young people of all ages, tailored to meet the needs of the school.

Instrumental Tuition

All instrument families.  Expert tuition by education professionals.  High quality tuition by educators. 

Also Available through the Music Service

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Ensemble Tours

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For all information, including pricing structures please call us on 01743 874145. We look forward to speaking to you.