Shropshire Young Musicians' Parents and Helpers Organisation

This is Shropshire Music Service's parents association.

The aims of SYMPHO are to support the work of the School of Music in a variety of ways:

Help with fund raising

Provide support at events and concerts

Help pupils from challenging circumstances with access to tours and exceptional expenses

Provide help with items that do not normally come under the educational budget

How to join

Parents of School of Music children and young people

As part of the School of Music you are already a member of SYMPHO.  To become an active member and offer help and support, please contact the Music Service on the email or phone below.  The Music Service will forward information to the chair person of the committee who will contact you.

What do I have to do?

You can offer help in any way that suits you.  You can be on the committee which meets about once a term in a very informal meeting. You can offer to be on the door at concerts and sell tickets.  You can donate prizes to raffles.  You can do teas and coffees at events. Whatever you have to offer, SYMPHO would be pleased to hear from you.

Registered charity number 508977

For all information, including pricing structures please call us on 01743 874145. We look forward to speaking to you.