What Is A Music Service?

Updated: May 1, 2021

Good question - I didn’t really know either until I began working for one. Essentially, we provide specialist music education in Shropshire. We exist to serve a broad section of our society, making sure music is available to everyone who wants it.

We partner with schools and academy trusts to help where specialist input is needed, and although we work mostly in educational settings, we’ll go wherever the job takes us. Our staff of over 40 specialist music teachers can provide tuition on (almost) anything musical!

Based at our HQ in Shrewsbury, we are largely mobile and able to visit all corners of Shropshire. You’ll find us delivering whole class instrumental lessons, music curriculum support, PPA cover, small group and individual lessons, workshops, events and CPD to customers across the county.

We even run our own orchestras and bands for students and community members to join, known collectively as the School of Music. Our ensembles perform at local and national events, as well as going on international tours and attending residential workshops.

So now you know what we do, could we be of use? Let us know where our services are needed.

Have you had lessons, attended workshops, or experienced our provision in school? Get in touch with your feedback to help us improve.

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