What Day Is It?

Updated: May 1, 2021

“We look forward to our Zoom lesson – it reminds us what day of the week it is!”

This was a recurring comment from parents during the first lockdown. The pressures of trying to work from home (whilst socially isolated and trying to remember how to do long division) meant that for many parents, music lessons were a chance to step back and let our teachers briefly take control.

Isolation and lack of structure are major contributors to poor mental health. As a species we are mostly very sociable, and our brains enjoy a certain number of rules, directions, and challenges (I’m sure some will disagree!).

What has this got to do with music? Well perhaps surprisingly, everything! Whether you are listening to or playing a piece of music, your brain is enjoying the form, structure, and hidden rules.

Last September, our team introduced a new scheme for music in Shropshire schools, ‘Music and Minds’. With a strong focus on mental health and reconnecting children with each other, this innovative project has proven to be extremely popular.

We now find ourselves in a similar situation to last April with lockdown number 3 happening, so why not treat your brain to a new challenge? Learn a musical instrument, and when you are next asked “what day is it?”, you can reply “its music day”.

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