Gala Concert Schedule

Here's the Schedule for our Gala Concert season at Theatre Severn in July!

Tickets are on sale now through the Theatre Severn box office. 

Shropshire Music Service

Leading the Shropshire Music Education Partnership

Gala Concert Season 2016


Sunday 3 July

Walker Theatre 6.00pm

The Big Play – String Event

Main Auditorium 6.15pm



Monday 4 July

Main Auditorium 5.30pm

‘Brass Extravaganza’

Shropshire’s Whole Class Brass 

Shropshire Training Brass Ensemble

Shropshire Youth Brass Band

Walker Theatre 5.45pm

Shropshire Girls’ Choir

Shropshire Senior Girls’ Choir

‘Showcase’ Winners

‘Shropshire Young Musician of the Year’ Winner


Monday 4 July

Walker Theatre 7.45pm

Schools’ Performance platform

Main Auditorium 8pm

Shropshire Youth Guitar Ensemble

Shropshire Youth Cello Ensemble



Tuesday 5th July

Main Auditorium 5.30pm


Shropshire’s Whole Class Woodwind

Shropshire Training Woodwind Ensemble

Walker Theatre 5.45pm

Shropshire Boys’ Choir

Sundorne Choir

Shropshire Training Strings Ensemble


Tuesday 5th July

Walker Theatre 7.45pm

Schools’ Performance Platform

Main Auditorium 8pm

Shropshire Training Youth Wind Orchestra

Shropshire Youth Saxophone Ensemble

Shropshire Youth Wind Orchestra



Wednesday 6 July

Main Auditorium 5.30pm

‘Class Act’

Shropshire’s Whole Class Strings

Walker Theatre 5.45pm

Bridgnorth Schools Ensemble

Brown Clee Choir

Meole Brace Choir

Ludlow Schools Ensemble


Wednesday 6 July

Walker Theatre 7.45pm

Shropshire Training Samba Ensemble

Shropshire Youth Folk Ensemble

Shropshire Youth Big Band

Main Auditorium 8.00pm

Stretton Stompers

Shropshire Training Youth Orchestra

Shropshire Youth Orchestra

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