Keyboard Players

Play keyboard with other young people of a similar standard.

Shropshire Music Service have a wide range of opportunities for Keyboard and Piano players, with the chance to work with and accompany many of our orchestras and ensembles. The opportunity to play keyboard or piano with others through these ensembles will give you an amazing range of skills developing you as an all round musician.

Joining one of Shropshire Music Service ensembles will help you develop your diversity as a pianist, improving you technically whilst having plenty of fun along the way. For more information give us call on 01743 874 145 to find out how we can help you.


Shropshire Ensembles that you can join:

Stretton Stompers (All Abilities)  
Bridgnorth Stompers (all abilities)

For more information contact the Music Service on 01743 874145 or contact us through the website.