Keyboard Lessons

Piano and Keyboard lessons are taught by the Music Service across Shropshire from Ellesmere down to Ludlow.

Where piano lessons are chosen, electronic keyboards are used in order to facilitate transport of the instrument and to allow group tuition. Our experienced tutors and teachers provide tuition of an exceptional standard in schools and colleges throughout Shropshire. 

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    • They are fully DBS Checked.
    • They are subject to regular observations to ensure quality.
    • They follow bespoke, proven schemes of work, developed over many years.
    • The large team means a wealth of pedagogical knowledge and experience is available to all teachers.
    • Common schemes of work mean that a change in teacher does not mean a change in syllabus.
    • The large number of ensembles available allows children to perform from the earliest stages.
    • Young people taught by SMS teachers will have access to a large range of events to enhance their musical learning.

    Lessons are taught in several different ways:

    Whole class lessons are a great way for large numbers of children to experience the thrill of music making for the first time.
    Large group lessons provide a little more focus after whole class.
    Small groups (2-10) are the format in which most of our lessons take place, allowing high levels of differentiation while still maintaining the interactivity of music making.

    In a few cases, at the very highest level, or where pupils cannot be grouped, individual lessons are delivered.

    For More information please call us on 01743 874145 or use the form below to request information or a call back, we look forward to speaking to you.