Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Would you like to enhance the music offer in your nursery? We can help.

free music audit can help to identify where support would be best placed. 

Music Class

Instrumental Lessons

Weekly music making with a specialist

Music Class

Instrumental Lessons

Bespoke sessions based around a theme of your choice

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Instrumental Lessons

Special performances from a group of musicians

Writing Music

Instrumental Lessons

Boost confidence and develop existing skills


Visits include a range of the following activities: 

  • Singing, including pitch matching

  • Moving expressively to music

  • Keeping a steady beat

  • Exploring instruments

  • Listening

  • Simple composing

  • Following and creating soundscapes

Sessions can run for any length of time at intervals to suit your needs.

Wooden Drum

Bespoke Music Sessions


Themed Early Years Workshops

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A morning or afternoon music workshop based on a theme of your choice. This could be topic based or inspired by one of your core books.

Each workshop would include a range of activities including songs, rhymes, keeping the beat and moving to music.


We can provide resources to deliver the workshop where necessary.


Early Years Concerts

Share the delight and wonder of watching and listening to live musicians in a concert specially designed for this age range. Concerts last approximately 30 minutes.

From 'Development Matters', September 2020:

Reception children will be learning to: Listen attentively, move to and talk about music, expressing their feelings and responses’. Examples of how to support this:


Invite musicians in to play music to children and talk about it.


Music within the Early Years is a truly holistic experience. It incorporates fine and gross motor skills, listening, memorising, keeping a steady beat, anticipation, ensemble skills, cooperation, sharing, self-discipline, and pitch matching to name just a few!

We can help to upskill your staff and boost confidence in delivering music sessions, as well as advise on suitable music resources for this age group