Early Years

Within the Curriculum Team there are a number of teachers who specialise in teaching music to Early Years (0-5 years) within any nursery/preschool setting whether state funded or private.

Input from our team is tailored to your need but could include:

*Singing: with gross and fine motor actions solo singing, pitch matching, beat keeping.

*Moving: in response to a wide variety of music including different genres e.g. jazz, orchestral, folk country etc and music from around the world e.g. flamenco samba bhangra. Movements will include beat and rhythm keeping as well as responding to the music in less formal ways

*Listening: to classroom instruments, to each other singing/ speaking, to live and recorded music

*Instruments: play a variety of classroom instruments that are suitable for this age group. e.g. shaker, drums, claves and pitched instruments using them for accompaniments, keeping the beat playing rhythms, exploring the different sounds they make, adding sound to a story.

*Topics: we can plan our teaching to compliment any of the topics you are rnnung in school as well as teaching the interrelated dimensions of music e.g. dynamics, pitch, tempo

*Props: We use many props to enhance our teaching including fabric, ribbons, teddies, parachute balls, bean bags, puppets