Baritone Lessons

Baritone lessons are supported by Shropshire Music Service, along with all of the other Brass instruments. The excellent tuition provided can lead to many opportunities to play in the Bands and Ensembles organised by the Music Service.

The Baritone is one of the tuba family.  Slightly smaller than the Euphonium, it sometimes plays a role of harmonising, sometimes playing rhythm parts and sometimes doubling up on the tune.  Typically, in a brass band, there are two baritone parts written so there is plenty of scope for aspiring players.  To play baritone you need the same skill set as any brass player - good breathing and technique, a good musical ear and the willingness to practise hard.



Our highly qualified teachers provide tuition of an exceptional standard in schools and colleges throughout . 

The large team means a wealth of pedagogical knowledge and experience is available to all teachers.

Common schemes of work mean that a change in teacher does not mean a change in syllabus.

The large number of ensembles available allows children to perform from the earliest stages.

Young people taught by SMS teachers will have access to a large range of events to enhance their musical learning.

They are fully DBS checked.

They are subject to regular observations to ensure quality.

They follow bespoke, proven schemes of work, developed over many years.