Shropshire Music Service was founded in 1967 to provide specialist music support to schools in the county. We still fulfil that role today, and employ more than 40 highly skilled music teachers.

As a non-profit organisation, we are able to put quality, accessibility and service first, priding ourselves on delivering consistently excellent teaching. 


Our work includes instrumental and curriculum music teaching, but also extends to hosting workshops, providing CPD, running ensembles, residential trips, and other annual events. We provide affordable instrument hire and help with lesson fees for those in challenging financial circumstances.

Staff are employed by the Music Service as professional teachers with an expertise in music. This provides job security and support, resulting in committed, high-quality teachers who love what they do.


Our teachers work within experienced teams to improve and refine each other's practice, and have the support of the wider organisation and it's management behind them. Schemes of work are developed internally and regularly updated to reflect the changing needs of students.

Safeguarding of children is a priority and all of our teachers benefit from regular training. Child protection awareness, first aid, attachment, trauma, and SEND are some of the regular sessions we run. Teachers are also subject to enhanced DBS checks, suitability to work checks, routine monitoring and performance management.

We are the lead partner in Shropshire Music Education Hub (SMEH). 

About Shropshire Music Service

We are a registered Arts Award centre. Their mission is "to support young people who want to deepen their engagement with the arts, build creative and leadership skills and achieve a national qualification."

Arts Award’s Principles:

  • to offer learning and qualifications which support individual creative development in any setting

  • to place young people at the heart of the Arts Award process

  • to increase young people’s experience and understanding of arts practitioners and cultural organisations

  • to embrace new art forms and technologies

  • to reach the widest possible range of young people

The awarding body responsible for Arts Award is Trinity College London.

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We are proud to be working in partnership

with schools and settings on their Artsmark Award journey.

By supporting Artsmark settings, we’re helping put the arts at the

heart of education, inspiring young people to create, experience and

participate in high quality arts and culture.

Find out more about Artsmark at www.artsmark.org.uk